To demonstrate how POWER-KI technology can be effective both from a technical point of view but also from an economic point of view, we offer you the opportunity to see your project created for free by our Designers (this is how we call POWER-KI programmers).

The opportunity is limited from 25 to 30 November 2022, it is aimed only at companies in particular (but not only) Software, automation, production or financial sector companies.
On this occasion we will only accept proposals related to desktop software; obviously we will carry out a limited number of projects that will be chosen by us from those that will be proposed through an application to be sent to (see below), containing the following data:
- Company name and website;
- economic sector (e.g. Software, foundry, etc.)
- full name of the applicant;
- role of the applicant;
- contact info;
- project title;
- description of the project;
- estimated development time* (man/days) with your Company technologies with their specification (e.g. programming language, database, etc.) .

[*since we will only provide one day of development, taking into account that the most prudent multiplier is three, projects must not exceed an estimated development time of more than three days]

Conditions in case of selection (preliminary)
- the project will be implemented by XPLAB in POWER-KI at no cost to the Proposer;
- the intellectual property of the project will belong to XPLAB (unless otherwise agreed in writing);
- the Proponent will be given a license to use the App for an indefinite period with the right to modify it;
- the Proponent will be given the source code of the App:
- XPLAB will have the right to make public, without any limitation,the collaboration with the Proposer.

Submit your application (click here)

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What to expect from this experience?

It is an opportunity for a discussion on a problem which, even if limited, is real and belongs to the world of the Proposer who is therefore put in a position to carry out an in-depth evaluation of our World.

What can XPLAB give more?

XPLAB has been involved in research in the field of IT technologies for over thirty years but has also applied them in different fields, so in almost every project the contribution has gone far beyond the mere implementation of a software.

Among the companies of preference there are the Software Houses ...

POWER-KI, the methods and the other technologies that we have developed can be the solution for a Software House to solve the problem of the lack of qualified personnel, development times and costs (reducing them by at least 30%). For us are possible partner not competitor.

Why this initiative?

Normally our applications are simple and intuitive, sometimes "transparent", those who look at them, if they are not from that sector, do not understand how advanced they are. It is true, we can organize conferences, redo sites according to the fashion of the moment and many other beautiful things, but our motto is "HIC RHODUS, HIC SALTUS", so as "craftsmen" we came up with the idea of ​​showing what we can do while we do it, as if we were in a Murano glass factory where you can see the Master Glassmaker creating his works.