Factory 4.0 at exhibition

The challenge begins

FACTORY at EXHIBITION promises to be an extraordinary event:

"Bring in a public exhibition a working factory that starting from the raw material, in this case brass bar, return the finished product: a ball valve ".

In four months, everything will be ready. They will have to be resolved bureaucratic and regulatory issues, technological, integration, installation.

It is well known as individually many Italian companies occupy positions of excellence in their fields, but it is believed that at the system level they are disadvantaged in international competition.

The FACTORY at EXHIBITION is above all a demonstration of the ability to express excellence as the sum of excellence and propose to buyers highly integrated innovative solutions.

All the companies that constitute the project team will bring in their most advanced solutions, XPLAB for its part, will field the latest technologies for control and supervision: 3d supervision, industrial IoT, the cloud services, WEB industry applications.

It will be therefore possible to see an Intelligent Factory in function that is the implementation of a more advanced concept compared to Factory 4.0.

FACTORY at EXHIBITION will be part of Brescia Industrial Exhibition (BIE) to be held at the Montichiari Fair Centre (Brescia) on days 18,19, 20 May 2017.

NOTE. the same days in Brescia: la 1000 MIGLIA !

A team of eleven companies, each a leader in its sector, will create "the Factory at Exhibition", a real production line. Starting from a brass bar will be realized all the production steps, including assembly and testing, of a ball valve. The machines will present the most innovative solutions. The individual machines will be connected to a centralized system for the visualization of production data and of the production cycle

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Il Team

ALMAG SPA: Brass barFARM NEW BRASS SRL : heatingAUTOMAZIONI INDUSTRIALI SRL: Molding STB OFFICINA MECCANICA DI BUGATTI A. & TONINELLI M. SNC : mold SO. TEC SRL : fume extractionCOGEIM EUROPE SRL: sandblastingBTB TRANSFER SPA: mechanical processingEUROFIMET SRL: washingSALA SRL: spheresFELP ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS SRL: assemblyXPLAB - Research in Automation : Display e Supervision